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Since the Society of Homœopaths abandoned its requirement that members follow the three basic principles of homœopathy there has been no reliable listing of classical homœopaths in the UK.

There is also no proper structure for the post graduate development of skills and knowledge and for the recognition of such development and of a commitment to the ideals and principles of homœopathy.

The Institute of Homœopathy has developed a system of membership that fills these lacunae and a program that supports such development.

Members of the Institute affirm that they practice in a classical manner and commit to the personal development of their practice, skills and knowledge, to the development of homœopathy through education, research and publication and to the development of homœopathy within the wider community.

Members who have made a significant contribution in most of these areas and who have been in serious practice for more than 5 years may be awarded an Associate Membership in the Institute. Members who have also made an outstanding contribution in some areas may be awarded a Fellowship.

There is no prescribed qualification or achievement for any level of membership. The applicant needs only to convince the assessor that they meet the necessary criteria. They can do this in any way that they feel appropriate.

Certain courses and activities are known to be philosophically compatible with the objectives of the Institute, these include the Institute's own courses, seminars and clinical work. A list of compatible activities and courses is available. Many other activities, both organized and personal would be evidence of an applicant's commitment but they may require a more detailed explanation of how they fit the Institute's criteria.

There are details on membership available here.

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