Using the Archetypes in Homœopathy



Archetypal imagery appears often in homœopathy: in dreams, in delusions, in common language and in the life stories of our patients.

However, it is not always obvious as to how we use this imagery.

During this afternoon seminar Peter will be looking at the principle ways in which the Archetypes appear and what they can tell us about the patient.

He will look at the Hero's Journey, the patient's story, and the figures that appear on that journey and what they might mean.

There are different figures and different roles that they can play. Some remedies have particular affinities to certain figures or certain roles and knowledge of this can help find a remedy.

He will look at how these ideas can be used in a practical way to more accurately and more easily find a remedy.

He will also look at some of the Snake remedies what is common to them and what differentiates them. He will particularly look at how they relate to the Archetypes and the way in which they move between the Earthly Realm and the Underworld.


The seminar will be from 2-5 and will be held at:

The Pierian Centre, Bristol on Friday 23rd November 2007


Helios Pharmacy, Tunbridge Wells on Friday 30th November 2007


For more information email or call 0117 944 5147